Sewer Line Repair & Replacements


A cracked or damaged sewer pipe can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Damaged lines can cause additional issues throughout your property, and even get so bad to the point that it causes health issues to you and other houseguests. Here at Aria Plumbing, we look to address the problem at hand and find the correct way to repair and effectively replace your sewage line. We first asses the type of damage and then go from there.


The causes range from many pipe issues, some based directly on the pipeline itself while others include outside issues that can be addressed.

Common causes for sewer damage include:


Here at Aria Plumbing, we used specialized equipment and video camera technology to precisely locate and evaluate the issue and damage done to your sewer pipes. Here are some of the main techniques we use to repair your sewer line:

Pipe Bursting

With pipe bursting, we take a brand-new sewer pipe and pull it through the old one. This process involves hydraulics, effectively breaking apart the old pipe and installing the new one at the exact time.

Pipe Relining

For less severe issues, relining is the good repair technique to keep your pipes intact. Our professional’s lune the interior of your current pipe with a flexible sleeve material that will harden in a matter of hours. We start with cleaning your pipe out, then applying the sleeve to maintain the strength of a new pipe, without having to actually remove the existing one.

Pipe Cleaning

Some cases may just need the pipe cleansed with power rodding or our hydro-jet system. This would clear out all clogs to help the pipe return to full functionality.

Maintenance Check

We offer inspections and can provide drain cleaning regularly to avoid more damage along the way. This will help maintain your pipes, along with avoid your pipes ever reaching the stage of becoming cracked or heavily damaged.


Sewer line replacement comes in play when the damage to the sewer pipe is too far gone for repair. Thankfully, our team offers trenchless repairs that provide a fair cost and more efficient than some traditional methods. We use an industrial epoxy resin to pump into your existing pipes, which is used to seal all cracks and leaks.

If piping is still highly damaged, our removal process involves using hydraulic pressure and leak tests to analyze the approach to take for removing your pipes. At Aria Plumbing we pride ourselves on focusing to fix the problem and minimizing any damage to your property, along with getting the job done in a timely and safe manner.


We offer a free estimate and consultation for those still unsure of what plumbing services they may need. We come to your house, assess the problems and then give you the options that would be the most ideal to your plumbing issues. Call today and get our advice for FREE!

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